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Truth Tuesday – Pippen Has Six Rings Too

Hey, it’s Hutch, and I’m taking over this week’s Truth Tuesday.

Almost every conversation about sports greatness (especially basketball) includes Michael Jordan. He’s arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, although I think Lebron has to be in the conversation too, but I digress. People focus so much on MJ, that they tend to neglect the fact he had help from Scottie Pippen. This week’s Truth Tuesday I want to talk about the fact that Pippen has six rings too.


MJ never won a championship without Pippen, and Pippen never won one without Mike. You already know this blog is about truth and relationships, so you see where I’m going with this analogy. Marriage is a team sport! Don’t get me wrong, you still have individual achievements such as awards and promotions, but the most fulfilling acheivements are the team awards (kids, house, etc).

In our marriage, Sheena is my best teammate and biggest fan, and I serve the same role for her. No matter how big or small our goals are we cheer each other on, support each other’s endeavors and do whatever we can to see the other succeed.

Sometimes it’s my time to shine and stick my tongue out while I’m gliding from the free throw line to drunk. When I was in grad school Sheena was my biggest supporter. She played the role of Pippen by sacrificing for the team especially when we had to miss events and quality time due to my school schedule.


Sheena is Jordan when she’s in her element at blogger events and her speaking engagements. People approach her and talk about the blog, and they often say they feel like they know me because of her posts. During those times, I’m her sidekick (Pippen), and I’m proud to watch her be the star that she is and play the role of Jordan.

Since this is Truth Tuesday, I’ll be all the way real with yall. When Sheena told me about her idea for Truth Tuesday and let me read the first one, I wasn’t on board at all. I was hesitant about her sharing intimate details of our life/marriage. The next day I realized that I must respect her calling and try my best to understand her purpose. Although I’m mentioned in several Truth Tuesday posts, I’m definitely Pippen because Sheena is the brains behind it, and it’s my job to support her dreams and aspirations.


At the end of the day, her wins are my wins and my wins are her wins too! As long as we are on the same team, no win is bigger than the team. You must learn it can’t always be about you. Pippen has the same amount of rings as Jordan and is no worse off because he was the sidekick.

Have you ever been the sidekick to your partner?

I’ll be back on the blog soon!

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