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When You Look In The Mirror And See A Hater – Truth Tuesday

Have you ever been scrolling on the gram and then your eyes start rolling because of someone’s post? I thank the IG gods for the hide button. Recently, I had to check myself on hiding content that I thought was obnoxious versus hiding someone’s content because I’m a low key hater. Damn, that hurts, but it’s true. Ya girl can be a low key hater at times and it’s something we need to discuss. This week’s Truth Tuesday I want to talk about my group text with Envy and Jealousy.

Two weeks ago I talked to yall about how “Last Year Was Complicated“. I admitted that I could’ve done more last year, but Laziness distracted me. I like to play this game where I get on social media and hate on non lazy people because they have the drive to get up and follow their dreams. Instead of using it as motivation, I proceed to hit up my two friends that will understand this situation the best, Envy and Jealousy. The three of us tend to feed off each other’s energy and the next thing you know we’ve gone back and forth for an hour about someone putting actions to their ideas. Yall, eliminate the personification and you’ll see that I’m saying sometimes I spend a WHOLE HOUR talking to myself about someone else when I could’ve applied that time to my dreams. Being a hater is more taxing than Uncle Sam!


As I’ve told yall I’m a Type Four Enneagram so I love to be introspective and get to the root cause of everything. When I’m being a hater it’s because I’m insecure about some thing. In this instance, I’m insecure because other people are doing things I’m not willing to do. I say willing, because there’s literally nothing holding me back. Don’t get me wrong, the road to follow your dreams isn’t as bad as 440 (Nashville joke), but it will have its challenges. Those challenges aren’t as big as I’m making them, and who wants to accomplish something that comes easily? So, when I’m scrolling the gram it has become easier for me to start a group text that’s rooted in insecurity than for me to put actions to my words.

You know I never leave yall without presenting steps on how I’m going to tackle a problem. I have to function within the bounds of a healthy Type 4 and steer clear of the unhealthy behaviors – “When dreams fail, become self-inhibiting and angry at self, alienated from others, blocked and emotionally paralyzed, ashamed of self, fatigued and unable to function”. – The Enneagram Institute


The best thing for me to do is TAKE ACTION! That fact that you’re reading this Truth Tuesday is proof that I’m taking some action. But, before you give me a pat on the back remember that I’m capable of more. I acknowledge that I’m back on the Truth Tuesday saddle, but recognize this is only a first, small step. I will continue to be consistent while adding new actions weekly.

Keep me honest yall!

Have you ever been a low key hater?

Until next time loves…

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